Eminem Lose Yourself Video Parody

This video was created as an intro to a presentation in a public speaking class. Our goal was to stay very close to the original while changing a few things to cater to the presentation and our audience. That is also why we only produced a little over a minute. Watch this to see how close the video is!

Shot in Technicolor cinestyle, Edited in Adobe Premiere, Shot on Canon 70D

Project 9 Design Portfolio

Portfolio (Scribd.com)


Project Corrections / Time Spent:

I spent over 3 hours making corrections and changes to my previous projects. Many of the corrections involved putting more space between objects. I redid the text and images on my montage project. I put the text together so that it would be easier to read. I did some small space adjustment on titles on the brochure and web page. I adjusted the spacing on the logos and the size of the text on the middle logo. I added some padding on the event ad project around the text. On the Photography project I adjusted the text colors so that it would be easier to read. Also adjusted text size to that things align. On the flier project I put more emphasis on “Graduate leadership conference.” I also adjusted the alignment and spacing and added a subtle drop shadow on the title.

Message: I want to showcase my work in a professional way.  I also wanted showcasing my company Iris Visual productions. I want to show off my unique design style in a clean minimalist way.

Audience: Potential client and employers.

Top Thing Learned: I learned an excellent workflow between programs and how to use master pages in my design.

Future application of Visual Media: I will use the design skills that I have learned in this course on everything that I design. These skills will transfer over to videography.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, blue

Title Font Name & Category: Futura Std – sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Bodoni Mt – Oldstyle

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):


Project 8: Brochure





Video Showcase

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

The first thing I did was work to create the logo for the company. I knew that the logo colors and style would inform my design choices for the rest of the document. I designed a logo in Illustrator and then showed it to my parents (the business owners). They wanted a logo where I worked in their slogan somehow. There slogan is “We shine a light on your smile.” I redesigned the logo and combined a lighthouse and a tooth. This works especially well because it goes with the lighthouse design themes that they also have in their office. Once I finished tweaking the design I started to work on the brochure.

I set up the brochure design in InDesign and set up the guides for the sections. I set up a three fold document. I kept a flat design style with slight gradients to give it a little contrast. I worked in different saturations of the colors from the logo. I removed the backgrounds from the photos in photoshop using the quick selection tool. I then used the refine dialogue to feather and adjust the selection. I placed the edited psd files into the document and for the photo of Dr. Fugal I wrapped the text around him. I used the wrap to alpha channel option. I placed a subtle watermark on one of the pages to give it some branding and character. After endless tweaking and over 13 versions of the document I finally came up with a document that folds accurately and looks professional.


I wanted to communicate a clear message about the company and what they do. This is a small business that really cares about you. They are not a mega production factory corporation like other dentist offices. He is a general dentist that can take care of your entire families needs, no matter big or small.


He is a general dentist and his main target audience is families. This brochure is mainly aimed at parents and single adults.

Top Thing Learned:

I have never designed a full professional brochure before so I learned many features of InDesign. I feel much more confident with the program now. I now know how to do text wrapping and have developed a good workflow.

Color scheme and color names:

Monochromatic, Blue

Title and Body Font Name & Category: Avenir LT STD, Sans serif

Logo Font Name & Category: Didot, Oldstyle

Word count: 530

Thumbnails of Images used:

IMG_7560 copy bigstock-Smiling-Family-Lying-In-Bed-To-6136767familySmiling1skinny-fiber-rocksteeth-whitening-tray

Sources (Links to images on original websites):

First photo is my own





Project 7: Web Page


A web page designed to showcase a personally created logo and company.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I created this webpage in a variety of programs, but I mostly used Adobe Dreamweaver because that’s what I am the best in and what I was originally taught. I wanted to create a modular design that adjusted dynamically no matter what the width of the browser was. To achieve this I created containers in CSS with rules so that they would re-size proportionally so all the elements will still look good no matter how you have the window. I created a navigation bar with buttons that subtly get darker when you mouse over them. These links would take you to their respective pages once they are designed. I also made myself a favicon that shows up in the top of the tab. This helps brand your page and makes it easy to pick out among many tabs. I have a contact us button with a working hyperlink that opens up your email client with the correct email in the to field.

I wanted to keep it simple and elegant. In the future I would want to make this page a little more fun, but I stayed basic for now.

Programs Used: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator


I want to show what Iris Visual Productions does and also explain the design process behind the logo. I want to attract clients through this page.


I am targeting people who are interested in hiring a media production company to take care of their media needs. These people are most likely small business owners and bigger corporations.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned a lot of cool things that you can do with CSS that I had never done before. Getting the simple button animations to work was a fun little project. I also learned how to insert favicons.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic blue #2ba6cb

Title and Copy Font Families & Category: “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Roboto, Arial,

Changes Made to CSS:

My css is original. It uses custom frames, colors, and fonts.

Project 6: Stationery

Stationery AND Cards v8Stationery AND Cards v82Buisness cards blown up blog

Matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I designed the logo in Adobe InDesign. I used the pen tool. I sampled the flat colors from an image. It took a bit of tweaking to make it look perfect. I made it a rainbow iris to communicate that the company does “the full spectrum” of visual media. Once I had the iris logo I saved it and then created a 3 new InDesign documents and imported the file. I designed the business card and the stationery at the same time with the same visual style and themes.

For the stationery I knew I wanted a bold look. I put the logo on a black bar background for the header. I placed the contact info in a different contrasting font. I then added the watermark in the lower left and gave it an opacity of 10%. I added the black bar on the bottom to tie the design together. I tried the design without the black header but it just didn’t have the impact I was going for. After a lot of tweaking the elements so that they fit comfortably in the margins, I placed in sample body text to make sure the document would look good with real content.

On the business card I put more personal information. I kept the design style of the stationery and kept the black. For the front I just placed the logo on a black background. The back was a challenge because I wanted to incorporate the logo in an interesting and effective way. I decided to have it run through the document and I rotated the logo to the side with the bright colors. With this design style, I could give new employees different parts of the logo ring to add some personalization. I made sure to use the exact same spacing between the logo image and the text on both the stationery and the business cards. I designed many different versions and variations of the card and showed many people to get their opinions on what was the best one.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign


I wanted to communicate the message that this company does a wide spectrum of media. We are a colorful and bold small business that had the potential to grow into something big.


I am targeting Teen and adult audiences both professional and casual.

Top thing I Learned: I learned how to make a stationery and how to better use Adobe InDesign.

Color Scheme: Flat Rainbow Colors: Blue, Purple, violet, red, brick, yellow, green.

Title Font Name & Category: Penumbra Sans Standard – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Clarendon Light- Serif

Project 5: Logos

Logo Project Blog-01.

Three logo variations for the same company.


This project was very challenging because I had to figure out how to use many features to pull of my designs. I actually started by spending over an hour coming up with a company name and related words and objects that I could use in my designs. I started with the bottom logo. I imported a photo of a light stand and then traced certain parts of it. I Incorporated it into the “I”. I used adobe font finder to get some ideas on good typefaces.

The middle logo was very complicated. I wanted to incorporate a film strip, eye, film reel, and iris into the design to tie it all together. I created my own custom pattern brush to do the outside of the eye and the brow. I adjusted the points and curves to give the eye a distinctive feel. It was amazing to see how much character you could give the eye by adjusting the curve of the brow. I used contrasting colors in that logo with the blue and the dark orange. I custom drew the eye with many ellipses. I also custom drew the iris with the pen tool and curves.

For the top logo I wanted to make it like just a reel. I used three additive colors to relate it to the film process. I wanted to keep it simple and bold.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

Top Thing Learned:

How to use the pen tool and make custom pattern brushes.

Color scheme: top logo: Triadic; middle logo: Complementary; bottom logo: Monochromatic And color names: top logo: Blue, orage, green; middle logo: Blue and Orange bottom logo: Black and white

Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Movie Film strip (Decorative)

Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Penumbra sans std semi-bold (sans Serif)

Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category:Frutiger Normal (Sans Serif) 

Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 2; Middle Logo = 3; Bottom Logo =6;
My favorite logo was the middle logo

Project 4: Montage

Montage Project V9

An inspirational montage made by the blending of two or more images, and the use of typography.


  1. I found a beautiful picture of the Boise Idaho temple of Lds.org and then cropped it to an 8.5 X 11 page.
  2. I used the filter tab and inserted a subtle lens flare with the light coming from the statue/the sun.
  3. I inserted the Christ statue and used a layer mask to take out the background.
  4. I feathered the edges and then tweaked the overall opacity.
  5. I then found a spacey texture and overlaid it on the temple. I used the overlay blending mode and then a layer mask so that the picture wouldn’t be applied to the actual temple.
  6. I went online and found a quote that was meaningful to me, then went about fitting it on the image.
    1. Doing the text was very difficult and complicated process but I learned a lot doing it.
    2. I drew a special path for the text so that it would wrap around the statue and the temple.
    3. I then went into the text settings and added a subtle drop shadow to make it pop out and separate it from the background.
    4. I used special fonts and sizes to emphasize certain words.
  7. I added a box with a gradient on the upper half of the image. I used a gradient overlay effect and this brought out the color in the upper half. This created more contrast and really made the image pop and you would never know it was there.
  8. I critiqued with many people and made many tweaks along the way. By the time I was done, I had 9 versions of the document. It evolved over time. Thanks to the spirit and my peers for helping me with this design and message.


I wanted people to remember the eternal perspective of things. The Lord sees all and peoples intent so he knows the whole picture. When we draw unto him we can gain that perspective in our lives. Our life is eternal and thats why I included the space texture. We make eternal covenants in the temple so that’s why I included that. I was inspired to do this because of a friend that is having difficulty seeing the big picture. I hope this message will help remind everyone of the eternal consequences of their decisions.


Anyone and everyone.

Colorized/Filter applied and where:

  1. The lens flare on the temple
  2. The gradient filter on the upper half of the picture to increase color and contrast.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic – I had many shades of blue

There is also a hint of complementary orange in the light of the temple but the majority of the image is monochromatic.

Top thing I learned: I learned advanced text techniques and how to blend images really well.

Font #1 Name & Category: Palatino – Old-style

Font #2 Name & Category: Dragon is coming – Script, Body Snatchers – Decorative

Thumbnails of Images used:

christus-lds-454706-wallpaper draper-utah-lds-temple-942143-high-res-print space_texture_by_atava-d4ddi65

Links to Original Images:




Project 3: Photodesign

Photo project Version 8


Demonstrate good photography and image editing skills. Incorporating color into a poster layout with an original photo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): 

I started this project by thinking about a color scheme. I wanted to go with a complementary color scheme. I then went out and took over 200 photos with the Canon 7D with a 50mm f1.4 prime lens. I like that lens for portraits because of the beautiful depth of field and I like the camera because I have control over all the settings and can get the image to look just how I want it. I selected this photo because of the frame that the wood makes in the photo. I liked the colors and the narrow depth of field. I took the photo into Photoshop and adjusted the exposure, contrast, rotation, sharpness, and saturation. Once I got the photo looking how I wanted it I began to create a color palate. I sampled colors from the photo and compared them to a color wheel to make sure that they were complementary and worked together. I did a lot of masking and cutting out parts of the image so that the design elements ran behind the Gazebo. I really improved my skill at this and I think that the lines and bars running behind the person gives it depth and makes him pop out more.


I wanted to incorporate a positive message into a photo and at the same time make it feel natural and visually pleasing. I also wanted to show my skills in Photoshop by doing some precise masking and my skill as a photographer.


Anybody that can read and understand the message. Also my hypothetical employer.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned some advanced features of Photoshop and how to better pick a color scheme.

Color scheme: Complimentary color names: Desert and blue
Title Font Name & Category: Minion Pro semibold – old-style
Copy Font Name & Category: Rage Italic Regular – Script, Viner hand ITC Regular – Decorative
Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


P3 Activity: Photography

Composition 1: Rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds TannerFugal

Light 1: Outside.

Light Outside Tanner Fugal

Light 2 : Inside

Light Inside Tanner Fugal

Composition 2: Leading room.

Leading Room Tanner Fugal

Focus 1: Foreground

Focus Foreground Tanner Fugal

Focus 2: Background

Focus Background Tanner Fugal


I love photography so I had fun doing this little project. The first photo demonstrates the rule of thirds. If you were to draw those lines on that photo they would all line up on major edges. The picture feels balanced and symmetrical as a result. I also really love the color in that photo. I used Photoshop to bring out the colors in all the images. I also used the sharpen function in the first photo to bring out the texture in the building. I love the second photo with the leaves because of the vibrant fall colors. There is a lot of range between the dark and light colors so the image has a lot of contrast as a result. I love the skylight in the Spori building so I decided to take a picture of it. I love how it naturally created a soft vignette around the image. I straitened out that image in Photoshop and adjusted the levels to enhance the contrast of the image. In the fourth photo I left the space open in front of the person on the scooter to imply movement and to let your eye flow naturally across the image. Images 5 and 6 were simply done by adjusting the focus on the camera.

I learned how to better use the levels tools in Photoshop and have learned a fast workflow for editing photos and bringing out the color. I’m excited to take some more photos!