Month: October 2014

Project 4: Montage

Montage Project V9

An inspirational montage made by the blending of two or more images, and the use of typography.


  1. I found a beautiful picture of the Boise Idaho temple of and then cropped it to an 8.5 X 11 page.
  2. I used the filter tab and inserted a subtle lens flare with the light coming from the statue/the sun.
  3. I inserted the Christ statue and used a layer mask to take out the background.
  4. I feathered the edges and then tweaked the overall opacity.
  5. I then found a spacey texture and overlaid it on the temple. I used the overlay blending mode and then a layer mask so that the picture wouldn’t be applied to the actual temple.
  6. I went online and found a quote that was meaningful to me, then went about fitting it on the image.
    1. Doing the text was very difficult and complicated process but I learned a lot doing it.
    2. I drew a special path for the text so that it would wrap around the statue and the temple.
    3. I then went into the text settings and added a subtle drop shadow to make it pop out and separate it from the background.
    4. I used special fonts and sizes to emphasize certain words.
  7. I added a box with a gradient on the upper half of the image. I used a gradient overlay effect and this brought out the color in the upper half. This created more contrast and really made the image pop and you would never know it was there.
  8. I critiqued with many people and made many tweaks along the way. By the time I was done, I had 9 versions of the document. It evolved over time. Thanks to the spirit and my peers for helping me with this design and message.


I wanted people to remember the eternal perspective of things. The Lord sees all and peoples intent so he knows the whole picture. When we draw unto him we can gain that perspective in our lives. Our life is eternal and thats why I included the space texture. We make eternal covenants in the temple so that’s why I included that. I was inspired to do this because of a friend that is having difficulty seeing the big picture. I hope this message will help remind everyone of the eternal consequences of their decisions.


Anyone and everyone.

Colorized/Filter applied and where:

  1. The lens flare on the temple
  2. The gradient filter on the upper half of the picture to increase color and contrast.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic – I had many shades of blue

There is also a hint of complementary orange in the light of the temple but the majority of the image is monochromatic.

Top thing I learned: I learned advanced text techniques and how to blend images really well.

Font #1 Name & Category: Palatino – Old-style

Font #2 Name & Category: Dragon is coming – Script, Body Snatchers – Decorative

Thumbnails of Images used:

christus-lds-454706-wallpaper draper-utah-lds-temple-942143-high-res-print space_texture_by_atava-d4ddi65

Links to Original Images:

Project 3: Photodesign

Photo project Version 8


Demonstrate good photography and image editing skills. Incorporating color into a poster layout with an original photo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): 

I started this project by thinking about a color scheme. I wanted to go with a complementary color scheme. I then went out and took over 200 photos with the Canon 7D with a 50mm f1.4 prime lens. I like that lens for portraits because of the beautiful depth of field and I like the camera because I have control over all the settings and can get the image to look just how I want it. I selected this photo because of the frame that the wood makes in the photo. I liked the colors and the narrow depth of field. I took the photo into Photoshop and adjusted the exposure, contrast, rotation, sharpness, and saturation. Once I got the photo looking how I wanted it I began to create a color palate. I sampled colors from the photo and compared them to a color wheel to make sure that they were complementary and worked together. I did a lot of masking and cutting out parts of the image so that the design elements ran behind the Gazebo. I really improved my skill at this and I think that the lines and bars running behind the person gives it depth and makes him pop out more.


I wanted to incorporate a positive message into a photo and at the same time make it feel natural and visually pleasing. I also wanted to show my skills in Photoshop by doing some precise masking and my skill as a photographer.


Anybody that can read and understand the message. Also my hypothetical employer.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned some advanced features of Photoshop and how to better pick a color scheme.

Color scheme: Complimentary color names: Desert and blue
Title Font Name & Category: Minion Pro semibold – old-style
Copy Font Name & Category: Rage Italic Regular – Script, Viner hand ITC Regular – Decorative
Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


P3 Activity: Photography

Composition 1: Rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds TannerFugal

Light 1: Outside.

Light Outside Tanner Fugal

Light 2 : Inside

Light Inside Tanner Fugal

Composition 2: Leading room.

Leading Room Tanner Fugal

Focus 1: Foreground

Focus Foreground Tanner Fugal

Focus 2: Background

Focus Background Tanner Fugal


I love photography so I had fun doing this little project. The first photo demonstrates the rule of thirds. If you were to draw those lines on that photo they would all line up on major edges. The picture feels balanced and symmetrical as a result. I also really love the color in that photo. I used Photoshop to bring out the colors in all the images. I also used the sharpen function in the first photo to bring out the texture in the building. I love the second photo with the leaves because of the vibrant fall colors. There is a lot of range between the dark and light colors so the image has a lot of contrast as a result. I love the skylight in the Spori building so I decided to take a picture of it. I love how it naturally created a soft vignette around the image. I straitened out that image in Photoshop and adjusted the levels to enhance the contrast of the image. In the fourth photo I left the space open in front of the person on the scooter to imply movement and to let your eye flow naturally across the image. Images 5 and 6 were simply done by adjusting the focus on the camera.

I learned how to better use the levels tools in Photoshop and have learned a fast workflow for editing photos and bringing out the color. I’m excited to take some more photos!

Project 2 Event Ad

Event Ad Version 5


A full bleed color advertisement made entirely in Microsoft word and only using a scanner.


I scanned the image of the bikers out of a biking magazine. I then analyzed the colors in the photo and decided to go with the earthy tones that were in the photo. I used a triadic color scheme. I used these colors to create boxes for the text. I learned a bit about the gradient tool in word because that was one of the few features that I had not really used before. I chose two types of contrasting fonts in my design. I then had multiple people critique my design and made some changes to improve the balance and polish of the design. I printed out the design to verify that it looked good on paper. I then exported the file to a PDF and then a JPG for this post.


This advertisement is meant to promote this made up race to raise money for charity. It is supposed to convey that this is not an extreme race, but a fun scenic journey for charity.


All ages are welcome. Mostly I am targeting 18+ year old men and women to come out and support this cause.

Top thing I learned:

I learned a lot about the color wheel in this assignment. Color is such an important aspect in design. I learned how to use colors that complement and contrast each other.

Title Font Name & Category: Oswald – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Baskerville Old Face – Oldstyle

Scanned Images used, sources, original sizes:

This image was scanned from the Biking Magazine. The original size was a full size magazine page. I had to blow it up a lot to crop out text that was overlaying the image so I scanned the document at a high resolution. The original resolution was 5586 × 5712 but the cropped version I used in the document was 3060X5100.

biking fixed

Project 1 Flier

Flier Rev7 Fixed



Black & White promotional flier to promote a graduate leadership conference.


I started by drawing up potential layouts to generate ideas on how to design this flier. I then used Adobe InDesign to draw out the design. I used two large ovals to create a soft design with a flowing white space right through the middle. I used a subtle gradient on the lower oval. The Vouant logo inspired me to go with the circular design. I was given the image, logo, and content for this flier. At the end I did some retouching in Photoshop where I painted out the edge on the photo where it stopped.


I wanted people to know that this was a conference aimed at graduates. This conference will give them the edge in the workplace by teaching them leadership skills.

Recent graduates who are 22-30 years of age.

Top Things I Learned:

I learned many features in Adobe InDesign. I picked up design elements that together, create a professional looking document. I learned the process of achieving successful peer reviews.

Title Font Name and Category:

Stafford Serial – Slab Serrif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Tahoma – Sans Serif

Links to all the images you used in this project: