Project 9 Design Portfolio

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Project Corrections / Time Spent:

I spent over 3 hours making corrections and changes to my previous projects. Many of the corrections involved putting more space between objects. I redid the text and images on my montage project. I put the text together so that it would be easier to read. I did some small space adjustment on titles on the brochure and web page. I adjusted the spacing on the logos and the size of the text on the middle logo. I added some padding on the event ad project around the text. On the Photography project I adjusted the text colors so that it would be easier to read. Also adjusted text size to that things align. On the flier project I put more emphasis on “Graduate leadership conference.” I also adjusted the alignment and spacing and added a subtle drop shadow on the title.

Message: I want to showcase my work in a professional way.  I also wanted showcasing my company Iris Visual productions. I want to show off my unique design style in a clean minimalist way.

Audience: Potential client and employers.

Top Thing Learned: I learned an excellent workflow between programs and how to use master pages in my design.

Future application of Visual Media: I will use the design skills that I have learned in this course on everything that I design. These skills will transfer over to videography.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, blue

Title Font Name & Category: Futura Std – sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Bodoni Mt – Oldstyle

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):

Project 1 Flier

Flier Rev7 Fixed



Black & White promotional flier to promote a graduate leadership conference.


I started by drawing up potential layouts to generate ideas on how to design this flier. I then used Adobe InDesign to draw out the design. I used two large ovals to create a soft design with a flowing white space right through the middle. I used a subtle gradient on the lower oval. The Vouant logo inspired me to go with the circular design. I was given the image, logo, and content for this flier. At the end I did some retouching in Photoshop where I painted out the edge on the photo where it stopped.


I wanted people to know that this was a conference aimed at graduates. This conference will give them the edge in the workplace by teaching them leadership skills.

Recent graduates who are 22-30 years of age.

Top Things I Learned:

I learned many features in Adobe InDesign. I picked up design elements that together, create a professional looking document. I learned the process of achieving successful peer reviews.

Title Font Name and Category:

Stafford Serial – Slab Serrif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Tahoma – Sans Serif

Links to all the images you used in this project: