Comm 100 Class Summaries

By Tanner Fugal

In my Comm 100 class at BYU-Idaho we learned about the different fields within the Communication field. The following are summaries of what was presented and what I learned.

Week 1 Intro

They went over the general syllabus.


Week 2

They taught us about the Scroll, which is a school’s newspaper. There are many sections and roles within the newspaper, including campus and world news, photo, video, copy, and graphics. The class is also a one credit practicum and there are paid positions. I decided I would join and within a week they hired me because they needed my video skill.

It has been a really fun thing to be a part of. There are a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. While I’m not planning to go into news, the skills that I’m learning still apply to my major and goals.

Week 3

They taught us about the Grad planner. The software outlines which classes you have to take in order to graduate. It allows you to create a path to graduate on time. You can take an emphasis and a cluster and then you have some free elective credits to play with. I’ve chosen to take as many classes in the Communication department as I can.

I’m glad to have a tool to keep me on track.

Week 4 Journalism

Journalism is important because it informs the people

Chinese article of propaganda about a race, the article is fluff

5 Challenges

  1. Begin to write
    • Create your own content
    • Your career has already started
  2. Begin to read
    1. Read the Wall Street Journal
    2. Learn from good writing.
    3. It helps you become credible
    4. People are spending 70 minutes of the day reading news
  3. Writing seminars
    1. Improve your writing
  4. Consider journalism
    1. There are new jobs emerging
    2. Salaries are growing for communications graduates
    3. Deseret news has figured it out, and is now making money
    4. Content Marketing
      1. People make things that are shareable
      2. made by loreal shares articles about makeup and it’s all branded
      3. A hospital became a source of health news
      4. Coca-cola releasing news
      5. Redbull
      6. New tech is being used in journalism
  5. Share the Gospel
    1. Bednar was talking to us
    2. We will have spiritual experiences
    3. #discoverthebook

Week 5 Video Production & Broadcast Journalism

There are many broadcast journalism jobs. These include:

  • News directior
  • News producer
  • Assignment editor
  • Reporter
  • Anchor
  • Videographer
  • Writer
  • Video journalist

Where Broadcast Journalists work

  • Local TV Stations
  • Local radio Stations
  • Network news
  • Cable news
  • Internet news sites


  • News anchor
    • $52,00
  • News reporter
    • $35,000

Jobs in Broadcasting

  • Performance

Get into the jobs with internships so you know what you are getting into

90SecondStory is a company that makes videos for clients. Brother Mawlum started this company and he is a good resource for knowing how to own a media company.

Week 6 Organizational organization and advocacy

There are many problems in the world that need to be solved or brought to life. Advocacy team was working on a suicide response team. They did a lot of research for this project and learned a lot about the field. They do their own things and reach out to specialists to do their job.  They taught us that it’s about the skill set you have, not the degree. Use your classes and apply yourself

Week 7 Public Relations

Represent performers with center stage

You really work with the public and help mitigate problems that arise, or prevent them from arising

There are so many different types of groups and audiences.

There are PRSSA meetings every week.

You don’t need to be a member, they are around an hour.

Fly babies video.

Week 8 Visual Media

Visual Media is the more artistic side of communication. The goal is to be able to communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly. You will learn how to use the adobe suite of programs and how to do web design. The world needs good design and while it is competitive, there is also a large market. You can also learn photography and similar fine arts.

Week 9 Advertising

Advertising is a broad and creative field. It is also constantly changing and there are many opportunities. You can be involved with many types of projects and disciplines. There is a competition called Washington Media Scholars which is good opportunity to present your work. There is also a Adobe analytics challenge where there is great prizes to be won.